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SudarenkoWelcome to my website! As you might have guessed, my name is Aleksey Sudarenko. I don’t like telling much about myself, because I think, there’s nothing interesting about the topic. If you want to know anything about me, you can read my poems (in Russian), alternatively. However, perhaps I should give some basic information here.

So, I was born in 1984 in the town of Dobropillia, Donetsk oblast (province), but I consider Kremenchuk, Poltava oblast, to be my hometown, because that’s where I spent my childhood. I live in Kyiv, and I work in Business Link educational agency. I write poetry and prose, and I also compose and perform songs.

Back in 2000, the publisher ‘Pyramida’ in Kremenchuk published my book of fantasy short stories named ‘The Wrath of Gods’. In 2014 I had a book of my verses ‘Digging under the Temple of Dream’ printed in Kyiv. For me, one of the most important artistic projects was the rock band ‘Jonas-in-the-Whale’, for which I provided vocals and wrote songs. I also contributed lyrics for the band ‘AirOn’ from Donetsk.

What the website is about

Firstly, some pieces of my creative work are represented here. Among them are some poems, music, and maybe some prose will appear here as well. There are also miscellanea like the school newspaper ‘V Desiatochku’ (‘The Bull’s Eye’), which I edited. Everything to do with me as an author is tagged with ‘Сударенко’.

Secondly, here you can view my comments on the books I read, movies I watched etc. It can’t be labelled as criticism, I rather make some notes just to keep a better account of the content and my impressions. Because sometimes you read something, and in six month you can’t even remember what it was about. Still, it might be of interest for some. These comments, plus mini-reports from my trips, can be found in the section ‘Заметки’ (‘Notes’).

Thirdly, it was a surprise for me when I noticed how many talented people are there around me, creating some hilarious stuff! I decided that, having a website anyway, I can tell the world about them right here. Then I will get a broader topical scope, and they could reach at least a slightly broader audience. Thus, the section ‘Друзья’ (‘Friends’) appeared, which will feature poems, music, photographs, drawings etc.

P. S. Thanks to Oleksiy Poshtar for the photo.

P. P. S. If you are reading this, perhaps you can’t understand Russian, which is the main language of the blog. Then, the two things you still can appreciate here are music and pictures (the links lead to the relevant tags). Some pieces of music are by me and my band and some, by my friends. The pictures at the moment are photos by my friends, drawings by my son, and paintings by my aunt. I hope this helps!